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Finisher's Glaze™
Touch-Up Supplies

Finisher's Glaze Glazing Stain Aerosol - Mohawk Finishing

By: Mohawk Finishing Products
In: Mohawk Finishing Products™ > Aerosol Products > Glazes
A truly professional glaze in an aerosol. No lid to open. No messy stir stick. No spills. No messy applicator. Just shake and spray. This is a medium viscosity glaze formulated in the spirit of our Finisher's Glaze™ Glazing Stain to yield great workability, and yet the solvent system is so coatings compatible that you can topcoat within just minutes. The high pigment load assures the opacity you need for great coverage. Use this glaze for quick and easy touch-ups, finishing applications, refinishing, and expedient application on carvings and into corners. In short, use it for anything you can do with a bulk glaze--only faster.