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Touch-Up Supplies

Finish-Up Polyurethane - Mohawk Finishing Products

By: Mohawk Finishing Products
In: Mohawk Finishing Products™ > Coatings

A user friendly wipe-on finish. Finish Up™ Polyurethane can be applied over repairs such as Burn-ins, Fil-Stik™ Putty Sticks, Blendal™ Powders and Touch Up Markers to seal in the repair, leaving a durable protective finish. Can be applied over properly cleaned existing finishes to improve appearance and durability. Finish up™ Polyurethane adheres well to most types of lacquers, vinyl clads, high pressure laminates as well as many other substrates. Best of all, it is water based and has almost no odor. This feature makes Finish Up™ Polyurethane the product of choice where aerosols and other solvent based touch up finishes are not appropriate.