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Artisan Glaze Marker

Artisan Glaze Marker - Mohawk Finishing Products

By: Mohawk Finishing Products
In: Mohawk Finishing Products™ > Markers & Pencils
The new Artisan Glaze Marker is used to create glaze lines on a glazed cabinet or furniture part. This Artisan Glaze marker can be used to add to or alter an existing glaze line. This new marker formulation allows you to apply the glaze line to the part and then work the line to blend in to the surrounding glaze effect. This touch-up marker was designed to be the same strength as a light glaze, dry slowly, which enables you to work the color once it is applied to the part and build color over itself. You can add, alter or create a glaze line over a finish using this marker. This marker is designed to be used in the field, shop or factory settings.
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Can be used during or after your finishing process
  • Can be used to create or touch-up existing glaze lines
  • 6 Stock colors AND a 6-pack assortment

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